November 12

The Business of Ideas




I came up with a new word yesterday.
It was in a FB comment thread. The post was on quitting and how as a society we’re told that “quitting is for losers”.

The OP stated he was a quitter, and why quitting can be a good thing. It was a good post.

Sorry I can’t link to the post ‘cause it’s in a closed group, and I can’t be arsed getting permission to republish it here.

I wasn’t on there for work, just scrolling for procrastination purposes.

Which I’m NOT doing today.

So you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

On the thread I made the comment “I quivot. Quit and pivot.”
It’s true. I do.

I’ve been copywriting part-time for a few years now.

But I got over chasing after clients so I did the quivot. Put my shingle out as a content strategist. Much more my thing as I’m a “big picture” kinda guy.

But it was more chasing after clients. Hadn’t solved that one.


Time to quivot again.

Decided to step up, sell my own products and create programs.

Lifestyle, passive income, the dream.
Yeah baby, grrr!

Now I’m not one to lack for ideas. I enjoy the cerebral process. Give me cabbage and a hair dryer and I’m sure I can spark some new ideas out of it.

This website,, is a result of my latest quivot.

It almost stalled this week. Not because of a quivot funnily enough.

Because of a synergistic collaboration offer that means the product or program I was going to offer here is to be assimilated over there.

I’m excited!

Shit’s gonna get done in a bigger way than I could do on my own.

So it’s more of a “slivot” (slight pivot) than a quivot. Not the same ring to it, I know.

Coming up with the word Quivot sparked something else for me. Another grand idea.
Here we go… quit and pivot to a new idea, one of the thousands I have daily.

How do I figure out which idea to pivot to, and which to leave untroubled?

Idea validation.

There’s a new business offering.

A quick Google showed it’s a thing, complete with others already doing it. Competition’s a good thing. Shows demand.

Remember Apple wasn’t first in the marketplace.

So maybe Quivot will become an idea validation tool, platform, product, or service.

Watch this space.

And as for Time to Flow, for now I’ll use the blog to explore and refine my thoughts and ideas around business building fundamentals.

But who knows what will be the next quivot.

P.S: When I checked someone had already purchased earlier this year (what on earth for?!) so I had to settle for the dot co.

’till next time. Stay awesome.

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